About us

Yeti NZ is all about riding great bikes with amazing friends and sharing unforgettable experiences. 

First and foremost, we are dedicated to supporting independent bike shops across New Zealand. Far more than the big box stores, local, independent shops are the true hub of the cycling community. .

For those familiar with our past, we began as Black Seal Imports in 2010 and have grown tremendously over the last few years. As our company grew, we purchased a small shop called Bike Otago. The shop grew over the years and eventually in 2018 we sold the shop to regain full focus on Black Seal. 

About our Owner

Kashi Leuchs is an ex-pro mountain biker and the proud owner of Yeti NZ. After spending 13 years representing New Zealand at the top of the MTB XC World Circuit and competing in three Olympic Games, Kashi retired from racing and returned home to Dunedin. He started this business as a way to continue to share his passion and experience in cycling. 


Address: Black Seal Imports Limited, 15 Fox Street, Port Chalmers,  Dunedin 9023

Phone : +64 37421185

Email : sales@blackseal.co.nz

Kashi Leuchs

Kashi Leuchs

After years on the pro MTB circuit Kashi decided to setup Black Seal as a way to stay involved in the MTB scene.

Kashi is responsible for the big decisions and ensuring the company succeeds. Kashi takes care of sales enquiries for Yeti and also occasionally travels around the country visiting dealers.

Contact Kashi for Yeti enquires, dealer enquiries, marketing opportunities etc...

Mat Wright

Mat Wright

The love affair for Mat and Yeti started when Yeti released the SB66. Currently he has a SB6 and rides it all around Wellington, but you will most likely spot him on the Mt Vic trails.

Mat will be taking over some roles from Jake and others from Kashi. He will manage sales, aftersales and will hit the road regularly to visit and ride with our dealers, sett up demo days and hang out at events around the country. He will be the main contact person for dealers and our awesome brand ambassadors